From the main Railway Station and Bus Station the Institute of Nuclear Phisics (IFJ) can be easily reached by public transport:
  • you can take a bus number 130 and get off at the final stop. Then take a bus number 173 (at the same stop) and get off at «Motel Krak» (two stops) - see bus lines map

  • you can take a tram number 4 and change from tram to bus number 173 at the «Balicka Wiadukt» stop (under the viaduct) and get off at «Motel Krak» (one bus stop) - see tram lines map

From the airport Balice:
  • you can take a bus number 208 (ticket price - 2.60 pln) and get off at the «Balicka Wiadukt» on request stop.

Please note that while using public transport special tickets should be validated by one of the vending machines placed inside the vehicle. Public transport tickets (the same for buses and trams) can be purchased at most of the newspapers stands as well as from the bus- or tram-driver (at some additional cost). There are several types of tickets:
  • 2.20 pln fare for a single trip
  • 2.80 pln fare for a 60 minute trip

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