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List of MSc Theses (selected)

  1. Michal Baranowski: Optimization of application execution in virtual laboratory, April 2011

  2. Piotr Jerzykowski: The environment for building component-based applications on high level, November 2010

  3. Wojciech Ziajka: Improvement of functionality of a grid information system, November 2010

  4. Grzegorz Dyk: Grid monitoring based on complex event processing technologies, November 2010

  5. Witold Zegarowski: localization of resources in grid systems, September 2010

  6. Tomasz Jadczyk: Bioinformatics Applications in the Virtual Laboratory, September 2009

  7. Paweł Charkowski: Environment for Management of Experiments on the Grid, September 2009

  8. Jan Meizner: Security in Virtual Laboratory System, September 2009

  9. Marek Pomocka: Data Source Registration in the Virtual Laboratory, October 2009

  10. Michal Pelczar: Recording application executions enriched with domainsemantics of computations and data, October 2008 (II Award of ABB)

  11. Jakub Wach: Collection and Storage of Provenance Data, July 2008(III Award of PTI)

  12. Michal Dyrda: Security in Component Grid Systems, June 2008

  13. Tomasz Bartyński: Remote execution of delegated operations with supportfor automatic selection among multiple communication protocols, February 2008

  14. Krzysztof Guzy: Monitoring of Web Service Applications, 2008

  15. Marcin Rusek, Michal Srebro: Tools for Visualization of Monitoring Data of Grid Resources and Applications, 2008

  16. Bartlomiej Labno: Scalable and Efficient Resource Discovery for a Distributed Monitoring System, January 2008

  17. Joanna Kocot, Iwona Ryszka: Optimization of Grid Application Execution, June 2007

  18. Eryk Ciepiela: Monitoring of Component-Based Applications, June 2007

  19. Bartosz Kowalewski: An Infrastructure for Publications and Subsriptions for events, December 2007

  20. Jakub Dziwisz, Kuba Rozkwitalski: GEMINI- A Universal Framework for Collection and Delivery of Monitoring Data, 2006

  21. Adam Bemben, Kamil Sterna: Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance of Grid Applications Based on Web Services, 2006

  22. Slawomir Hurnik: Monitoring of Grid Systems Infrastructures, 2006

  23. Pawel Jurczyk, Maciej Golenia: Peer-to-Peer Computing with H2O and JXTA, 2005

  24. Marek Kasztelnik, Cezary Górka: Tools for Development of Workflow-based Grid Applications, 2005

  25. Michał Kapałka: Distributed, Semantic-based Workflow Composition on a Grid, 2004

  26. Michał Węgiel: A Framework for Adaptation of Legacy Software to Work as Grid Services, 2004

  27. Kamil Górka, Tomasz Gubała: Interctive Applications and Component Architecture Approach, 2003

  28. Sławomir Małudziński: The Remote Device Access Client - Design ad Implementation, 2003

  29. Marek Wieczorek: Storage and Analysis System for Data Intensive High Energy Physics Applications, 2003

  30. Andrzej Jóźwik, Dominik Ziembliński: Out-of-core Data Processing on the Grid, 2003

  31. Jacek Nowak: Data-Distribution System for DESY/H1 Experiment Analysis, 2003

  32. Grzegorz Kaplita: Development of a Monitoring System for Multithreaded Applications, 2003

  33. Marcin Radecki: Implementation of the OCM-G -- a Grid Application Monitoring System, 2003

  34. Wojciech Rząsa: Security for the Grid Application Monitoring System, 2003

  35. Tomasz Szepieniec: A Proposal of the Grid Application Monitoring System, 2002

  36. Andrzej Przewięźlikowski, Krzysztof Rozpara: Object-oriented Approach to Parallel Discrete Event Simulation, 2001

  37. Marcin Politowicz, Marcin Rosiek: Porting Shmem Library to Swiss Tx Cluster, 2001

  38. Maciej Malawski, Katarzyna Rycerz: Advanced Library for Parallelization of Irregular and Out-of-core Problems, 2001 (I Award of PTI)

  39. Dawid Kurzyniec: Creating Java to Native Code Interfaces with Janet Extensions, 2000

  40. Paweł Płaszczak: Hydra - Decentralized Environment for Distributed Computing, 2000

  41. Bartosz Baliś: Extending Capabilities of the OCM-based Tool Environment, 2000

  42. Jakub T. Mościcki: Building Object-oriented Library for Histogram Analysis in LHC++ Project, 2000

  43. Kamil Iskra, Radosław Maruszewski: Extending the Funcionality of Performance Measurement Tool PATOP, 1999

  44. Grzegorz Młynarczyk: Symbol Table Management in an HPF Debugger, 1999

  45. Piotr Łuszczek: Runtime Support for Irregular Out-of-core Problems, 1999


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