Marian Bubak
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  1. Jakub T. Moscicki – Understanding and Mastering Dynamics in Computing Grids: Processing Moldable Tasks with User-Level Overlay , promotor, Universiteit van Amsterdam, April 12, 2011


  1. Alfredo Tirado-Ramos - Collaborative Software Architectures for Interactive Biomedical Applications, co-promotor, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 15, 2007

  2. Katarzyna Rycerz - Grid-Based HLA Simulation Support, co-promotor, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 13, 2006

PhD Committees

  1. Lev Naumov – Modelling with Cellular Automata: Problem Solving Environments and Multidimensional Applications, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 14, 2011, member of the Committee

  2. Ilkay Altintas – Collaborative Provenance for Workflow-Driven Science and Engineering, Universiteit van Amsterdam, February 18, 2011, member of the Committee

  3. Gokhan Ertaylan – A Multi-Scale Approach for Deciphering HIV Infections, Universiteit van Amsterdam, February 9, 2011, member of the Committee

  4. Ozgul Unar Karakas – On Semi-Automatic Matching and Integration of Database schemas, Universiteit van Amsterdam, November 24, 2010, member of the Committee

  5. Derek Groen – High Performance N-body Simulations on Computational Grids, Universiteit van Amsterdam, November 16, 2010, member of the Committee

  6. Eric Lorenz – Multiscale Lattice-Boltzmann Simulations, Universiteit van Amsterdam, November 11, 2011, member of the Committee

  7. Simon Samwel Msanjila -  On Inter-Organizational Trust Engineering in Networked Collaborations (Modeling and management of rational trust), Informatics Institute, Universiteit van Amsterdam, September 29, 2009, e-height: 115%">member of the Committee 

  8. Monir Abdullah Abduh Kaid - Load Balancing Models for Scheduling Divisible Load on Large Scale Data Grids, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University Putra Malaysia, June 2009, external examiner

  9. Vladimir Vladislavovich Korkhov - Hierarchical Resource Management in Grid Computing, Universiteit van Amsterdam, April 7, 2009, member of the Committee

  10. Frank Peter Terpstra - Scientific Workflow Design, Universiteit van Amsterdam, November 6, 2008, member of the Committee

  11. Evghenii Gaburov - Stellar Collisions in Young Star Clusters, Universiteit van Amsterdam, November 4, 2008, member of the Committee

  12. Valeria Vladimirovna Krzhizhanovskaya - Virtual Reactor for Simulation of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 20, 2008, member of the Committee

  13. Lilit Axner - High Performance Computational Hemodynamics with the Lattice Boltzmann Method, Universiteit van Amsterdam, December 18, 2007, member of the Committee

  14. Maxim A. Yurkin - Discrete Dipole Simulations of Light Scattering by Blood Cells, Universiteit van Amsterdam, December 11, 2007, member of the Committee

  15. Alessia Gualandris - Simulating Self-gravitating System on Parallel Computers, Universiteit van Amsterdam, September 12, 2006, member of the Committee

  16. Kamil Iskra: Time Warp - from Cluster to Grid, Universiteit van Amsterdam, June 2005, member of the Committee

  17. Zhiming Zhao: An Agent Based Architecture for Constructing Interactive Simulation Systems, Universiteit van Amsterdam, December 2004, member of the Committee 

  18. Viet Dinh Tran: Parallel Programming Environment for Distributed Systems, II SAS, Bratislava, April 2002, member of the Committee 

  19. Benno J. Overeinder: Distributed Event-driven Simulation: Scheduling Strategies and Resource Management, Universiteit van Amsterdam, November, 2000, member of the Committee