Michal Kokowski, Scientometric, bibliometric and informetric...

Scientometric, bibliometric and informetric bibliography (Selection)

Prace Komisji Historii Nauki PAU XIV (2015), ss. 169–204.

DOI: 10.4467/23921749PKHN_PAU.16.009.5265

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The article presents a selection of bibliography on scientometrics, bibliometrics and informetrics.

The bibliography was chosen in the context of the author’s research of: a) the current debate on scientometrics, bibliometrics and informetrics in Poland, b) the history of these disciplines, and c) the history of the science of science.

This selection has an important advantage because it includes many publications that a) represent the views both of Polish and foreign authors, b) discuss serious methodological limitations of scientometrics, bibliometrics and informetrics and c) show the inseparable connection between the disciplines and the science of science.

This bibliography was already used in two of the author’s articles published in Prace Komisji Historii Nauki PAU, volume 14 (2015).

bibliography, scientometrics, bibliometrics, informetrics, methodology of scientometrics, abuses of scientometric methods, science of science, science policy, Polish and international context.



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