Michal Kokowski, University of New Humanism (a paper)

University of New Humanism

(a paper; in Polish)

Komitet Kryzysowy Humanistyki Polskiej. Dyskusje 2015.

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[A paper delivered during the Congress of Academic Culture “Idea of the university, an autonomy of the university, a research university or a school of higher education” (Kraków, Auditorium Maximum, Jagiellonian University, 20 March, 2014)].


This paper presents the fundamentals of the authour's model of the University of New Humanism. This model avoids many mistakes of a model of university adopted so far in Poland.

Keywords: history of the idea of university, the models of university, the university of the new humanism, the reform of the system of science and higher education in Poland, the New Humanism of George Sarton, the issue of two cultures of Sarton – Snow, the issue of the third culture of Sarton – Snow.

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