Multipurpose AudioWave Environment (2003/2014)
design, concept, programming: Marcin Wierzbicki (
original idea, distribution and applications: Marek Choloniewski (

MaWe is an exclusive, independent, cost free patch designed for Max/MSP environment.

MaWe needs Max/MSP program in full or free version (runtime).

MaWe has been designed as a compositional and performance tool for live audio and video purposes.

MaWe in its modular form can be used on slower and faster machines running different operating systems including MacOs X, Windows XP and MacOs 9 (smaller version of MaWe).

(downloading MaWe with Safari browser needs Option-click)

MaWe X beta 33d
MacOS X version

MaWe XP beta 33d
Windows XP version

MaWe alfa 12 qt3
MacOS 9 version

MaWe Extensions
additional applications to be synchronized and linked within the MaWe

Amplitude to Cc Converter
Max 5 compatible module, multiple converters possible
Space Matrix - audio outputs individual and global MIDI control
megasampler available for controllers
space ISA-Harp controller

MaWe reference (pdf)

The references are never useless.
MaWe Team updates them all the time.

To use MaWe please follow instructions:

1. Download Max/MSP 4.63 (Runtime or full version) from in appropriate version (MacOs or Windows)

2. Unpack and install Max/MSP program

3. Download and install Quick Time from

4. Download MaWe patch in the right version (link above)

5. Unpack MaWe ...

6. If you need Pitch-to-MIDI Converter download fiddle object from (for Windows XP)

7. Unpack fiddle file and include its contest inside MaWe folder

8. Run Max/MSP

9. Open "appMaWeLauncher" file from the MaWe folder

10. Choose required version of the MaWe system from the list

11. If you need, you can choose and load M-engine or M12-module from MaWExt folder (unpacked before from MaWExt.sitx file) to get other applications linked online with MaWe, similar with Amplitude to CC Converter and Space Matrix.

12. Load and read Reference Manual (link above) if necessary

13. Have fun

MaWe is a donationware program.
If you find it useful please send 15€ to the bank account:
Marcin Wierzbicki
IBAN: PL 34 1240 6175 1111 0000 4573 3914
swift: PKOP PL PW