Zbigniew Ustrnul is climatologist and professor since 1999 in the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej) which is the unit of the national meteorological service. He works in the Department of Meteorology in the Cracow Branch of IMWM .
He was educated at the Jagiellonian University:
  • M.Sc. - 1984,
  • Ph. D. - 1991,
  • Habilitation - 1998. 

The main topics of interest focus on synoptic climatology, climate variability in the recent centuries, extreme weather events, homogenisation problems. His special attention is paid to the circulation aspects in different scales. He has experience in preparation of long-term daily meteorological series of particular elements (pressure, temperature, cloudiness, precipitation). He is involved in studies concerning the variability and present state of the Polish climate in the European perspective. He also works on general and mountain climatology aspects, his scientific output comprises over 50 published papers and contributions. Professor Ustrnul took part in numerous research studies working in some national and international teams. He was the main co-ordinator of 3 national grants. Zbigniew Ustrnul is also a teacher of the synoptic meteorology and climatology at the Jagiellonian University.

List of the selected publications for the last few years


Institute of Meteorology and Water Management,
(Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej)
Branch in Cracow,
ul. Borowego 14,
30-215 Kraków, Poland
tel: (+48-12) 4251900 ext. 225
fax: (+48-12) 4251929 (direct)
e-mail: Zbigniew_Ustrnul@imgw.pl
e-mail: ziustrnu@cyf-kr.edu.pl