Wykład Prof. Leszka Demkowicza

Institute for Computational and Engineering Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin zatytułowany: hp-Adaptive Finite Elements, Moving Forward. Geometry Reconstruction and Coupled Problems

Wykład odbędzie się 12.07.2007 o godzinie 11 w Katedrze Informatyki AGH, Sala 429, budynek C-2, IV piętro, Aleja Mickiewicza 30.

Summary of the talk:

The talk will address two areas of our current activities in the hp Finite Elements: geometry reconstruction and multiphysics, coupled problems. Both subjects reflect our efforts to extend the hp technology from mostly academic, single physics problems to challenging engineering applications. In the first part of the talk, I will present a geometry reconstruction technique for unstructured quadrilateral grids. Given a piecewise bilinear representation of a surface along with the surface normals at the grid points, the problem consists in finding a G1 parametrization (the normal to the surface is continuous) that matches the prescibed grid points, normals and topology. The topology of the unstructured quadrilateral grids leads to interesting differential geometry problems. The main challenge of the problem, though, lies in satisfying mesh quality criteria necessary for FE computations. In the second part of the presentation, I will review the formulation of the classical coupled elasticity/acoustics problem, discuss briefly technical tasks related to generalizing the hp-technology to such problems, and present a few applications: vibrations of streamers, modeling of borehole acoustical tools and conduction of sound in the human head.

9 lipca 2007