How to get to Kraków

You can reach Kraków by:


There is an international airport Balice in Krakow. Balice has direct connections to Chicago, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vienna, Warszawa and Zurich. (Polish airlines LOT flight schedule).

The airport is located about 16 km from the city. To get to the City you can take a taxi (approx. 30 polish zlotys) or the bus number 208 (to the Main Railway Station). It takes about 35 minutes to go from the airport to the City by bus.


It is also possible to reach Krakow by an international train or bus. There is a lot of connections from different European cities.


There is an international airport Okecie in Warszawa. Okecie has a direct connections to Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Chicago, Cologne / Bonn, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Minsk, Moscow, New York, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rome, Sofia, St.Petersburg, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vienna, Vilnius, Zurich, as well to some others airports. (Polish airlines LOT flight schedule).

To reach Krakow from the ariport OKECIE you can:
  • take domestic flights
  • take a train

    There are many trains (Inter City and Express) from Warszawa to Krakow daily in the train summer timetable (please choose Rozklad jazdy pociagow, i.e. polish train table, and then English version of it). It takes about three hours (nonstop) to get to Krakow from Warszawa.

    The Central Railway Station in Warszawa is located about 10 km from the airport Okecie. We recommend you to take Airport City bus (avoid taxis in Warszawa - they are very expensive for foreigner!)