Kraków, Poland
N o v e m b e r  5 - 6, 2001

  P r e s e n t a t i o n s
November 5, 2001
Invited lecture 1
Review of the EU DataGrid Project and other EU Grid initiatives
Conference Presentations 1
Overview of the CrossGrid Project
M.Bubak, M.Turala
Support System of Virtual Organization for Flood Forecasting
L.Hluchy, J.Astalos, V.D.Tran, M.Dobrucky, G.T.Nguyen
(Results: flow trace animation)
Distributed Data Analysis in HEP
Distributed Trigger System for the LHC experiments
Conference Presentations 2
Interactive and semiautomatic performance evaluation
W.Funika, B.Balis, M.Bubak, R.Wismueller
OMIS Approach to Grid Application Monitoring
B.Balis, M.Bubak, W.Funika, R.Wismueller
Optimisation of Data Access in Grid Environment
D.Nikolow, L.Dutka, P.Nyczyk, R.Slota, J.Kitowski, M.Dziewierz
CrossGrid Testbed Node at ACC CYFRONET AGH
A.Ozieblo, K.Gawel, M.Pogoda
Towards the CrossGrid Architecture
M.Bubak, M.Garbacz, M.Malawski, K.Zajac
Invited lecture 2
GridLab - Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed
November 6, 2001
Invited lecture 3
RTD efforts in Europe by Kyriakos Baxevanidis
Grid Computing with Sun
Conference Presentations 3
A Concept of Monitoring Grid Infrastructure with Java and Jiro Technologies
K.Zielinski, S.Zielinski
Toward Knowledge Discovery in Databases Attached to Grids
Concepts for implementing adaptive finite element codes for grid computing
K.Banas, J.Plazek
Invited lecture 4
Sponsored by: Cyfronet IFJ WSZiBWSZiB