Current international projects


Duration: 1.12.2018 r. - 30.11.2022 r.
Aim: The PRIMAGE project aims at creation of a Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) for the treatment of cancer (nauroblastoma, glioma) in children. The system will use the HPC infrastructure. Patients' data will be used in the multi-scale computational models of cancer designed to define disease biomarkers. The created CDSS system will help oncologists both in diagnosis and in predicting of disease progression and treatment effectiveness.
Contact: Marian Bubak, e-mail: bubak at, phone: (+48 12) 328 33 56
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Full name: Integrating and managing services for the European Open Science Cloud
Duration: 1.01.2018 r. - 31.12.2020 r.
Aim: The aim of the EOSC-hub project is to prepare the launch of a production infrastructure for open science in Europe. The implementation will be based on existing services representing TRL8 level and above. In addition, there will be many integration activities enabling the activation of various environmental groups, giving them the opportunity to properly integrate with the European cloud.
However, the most important goal is the practical application of solutions developed as part of the EOSC-Pilot project to a real large-scale environment scattered across most European countries.
Contact: Łukasz Dutka, e-mail: l.dutka at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55
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Full name: PROviding Computing solutions for ExaScale ChallengeS
Duration: 1.11.2017 r. - 31.10.2020 r.
Aim: The solutions developed within the PROCESS (PROviding Computing solutions for ExaScale ChallengeS) project will be a breakthrough step in the creation of innovative, exascale processing services, maximizing the benefits of modern data processing systems. The results of the project will include five prototype large-scale data management services implemented using mature, modular, extensible open source solutions to create a user-friendly data processing platform.
Contact: Marian Bubak, e-mail: bubak at, phone: (+48 12) 328 33 56



Full name: eXtreme DataCloud
Duration: 1.11.2017 r. - 31.01.2020 r.
Aim: The goal of the XDC (eXtreme DataCloud) project is to build specialized solutions for managing and processing large-scale data in a hybrid cloud, thus introducing access and data migration in distributed cloud environments.
Contact: Łukasz Dutka, e-mail: l.dutka at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55
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Full name: Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research Infrastructure Alliance for Europe
Duration: 1.05.2017 r. - 30.04.2020 r.
Aim: The overall objective of SERA is to give a significant contribution to improve the access to data, services and research infrastructures, and deliver solutions based on innovative R&D in seismology and earthquake engineering, aiming at reducing the exposure of our society to the risk posed by natural and anthropogenic earthquakes. 
Contact: Mariusz Sterzel, e-mail: m.sterzel at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55 ext. 314
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Full name: EPOS Implementation Phase
Duration: 1.10.2015 r. - 30.09.2019 r.
Aim: EPOS is integrating the diverse, but advanced European Research Infrastructures for solid Earth Science, and will build on new e-science opportunities to monitor and understand the dynamic and complex solid-Earth System. The EPOS Implementation Phase project (EPOS IP) builds on the achievements of the successful EPOS preparatory phase project (EPOS PP); it is dedicated to realize the key elements of the EPOS implementation phase: the legal and governance framework, the financial framework for all its components, and a successful transition from the preparatory phase to the operational phase, being synergetic and coherent with the establishment of the EPOS-ERIC.
Contact: Tomasz Szepieniec, e-mail: t.szepieniec at, phone: (+48 12) 632 33 55 ext. 310
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