Michal Kokowski, Basic errors of... (in Polish)

Basic errors of the mechanism of parametric assessing of research units. The aspect of a science of science nature

(in Polish)

PAUza Akademicka 246 (20 March 2014), p. 3.

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In the debate about parametric evaluations of research units in Poland, a general aspect of a science of science nature has been omitted. It is this lack underlies the amazing undervaluation of the heritage of humanities and social sciences, especially closely related to Polish culture: it regards a decidedly understated score for articles published in Polish journals devoted to humanities and social sciences, and especially monographs, which are the primary form of publications in the field of humanities and social sciences.

In this context, the author argues, among others, to the following postulates:

  • the best specialized Polish journals, that publish works related to Polish culture, should receive the same high scores, as the best specialized journals of international scope mentioned in Part A of List of journals of Ministry of Higher Education and Science of Republic of Poland (of May 27, 2013), for example "Isis" (40 points). "Osiris" (30 pts.), and "British Journal for the History of Science" (30 pts.) (otherwise there will be a gradual decline of the disciplines related to Polish culture, since the authors abandon the subject);
  • monographs in the field of humanities and social sciences should receive much more scores than articles (otherwise the researchers will give up the publication of monographs, which lead to a significant weakening of these areas).

bibliography, scientometrics, bibliometrics, , science studies, technocracy, science policy.



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